We’ve been breaking out the cake and fizzy pop at Castle Crunchenstein today as we celebrate our fourth Birthday!

On April 9th 2009 the first version of the Crunch system went online (nostalgic screenshot this way), and our first client account was opened just five days later. Since then a lot has changed, and we’ve passed some pretty amazing milestones.

August 2009 – Darren appears on Radio 4

In our first big publicity coup, Darren was interviewed by Chris Evans on Radio 4’s drivetime show. Our tiny office was inundated with enquiries from small businesses who wanted a modern approach to accounting.

Sir Darren of Fell

December 2010 – we finally move out of ‘the Dungeon’

We rediscovered the joys of full-length windows and open-plan working as we moved from our first, subterranean office, into a 4,000 square-foot behemoth. It was only twelve months before we were expanding again, assimilating the next floor up into the Crunch mothership.

April 2011 – our 1,000th client

A fabulous milestone for any business, just before the end of the tax year in 2011 we took on our 1,000th client. He happened to be a local Brightonian, so we invited him to the office for tea and cakes.

Dev team

July 2011 – Crunch’s new clothes

Our designers worked overtime to put together a ground-up revamp of the Crunch system, which made our online accounting software tablet-friendly and easier to use than ever before.

Crunch on iPad

February 2012 – our first mobile app

At the beginning of last year we launched our first mobile app, Snap, allowing our clients to record business expenses just by taking a picture of them. With four- and five-star reviews on iTunes and Google Play respectively, Snap has recorded a total of 34,500 expenses so far!


June 2012 – GoLimited breaks 1,000 incorporations

Just nine months after launch our very own company formation service, GoLimited, breaks the 1,000 mark itself. Fun fact – just six months later it broke the 2,000 barrier.

April 2013 – we launch the most painless RTI system out there

After weeks and months of hard work, our development team rolled out the finishing touches to an RTI system so seamless it didn’t even require any action from our users – we dealt with everything on our end.

Account Managers

Big numbers

We’ll have some big, post-Birthday news to share tomorrow once today’s celebrations are out of the way, but for now we’ll say a big thanks to all our clients for continuing to believe in our modern take on small business accountancy, and to everyone who has supported us during our first four years of existence. It’s been a fantastic journey so far and, as Yazz famously sang, the only way is up.

(Those photos are by the excellent Number88 photography)