On Saturday 6th April our development team flipped the switch on our brand new RTI system, allowing Crunch clients to file payroll information in real time. This was one of the heftiest backend changes we’ve ever made to the Crunch online accounting software, and such a big change on HMRC’s end that they had to take their filing gateway offline for a full 48 hours.

After almost ten days of operation, we thought now would be a good time to let our clients know how everything is going.

Teething problems

RTI filings were initially fairly slow when we turned our system on – we presume HMRC was using some kind of load management to make sure their Gateway wasn’t swamped. Although we’ve not seen any issues on our end AccountingWeb reported on the problems other payroll firms were experiencing – one exasperated software provider even calling for Lin Homer’s head.

RTI’s launch was further complicated by a half-day strike called by the PCS Union (many of their members are customer-facing HMRC staff) on Monday morning – the first business hours post-RTI. HMRC’s phone lines remained swamped for most of the early part of the week, as did special RTI hotlines set up by the larger payroll software providers.

Smooth sailing

Despite the problems, HMRC reported that around 70,000 RTI filings were successfully made over the first weekend of operation. Around 200 of our clients have made RTI filings so far, and we’ve yet to see any major issues. We’re keeping a close eye on proceedings but so far, as Andy from our development team puts it, things are going “smoother than we ever could have expected.”

As always, if you have any questions about RTI,  how we’re dealing with it, or what it means for your business, leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer.