Accountancy isn’t usually a family affair, except in the case of Gene and Dan Da Rocha, father and son business owners who run a total of three businesses through Crunch!

The younger Da Rocha, Dan, operates two limited companies with us. The first, Mudvark, produces mobile games, while the second, Toxic Games, was set up with two University friends after receiving funding from Indie Fund to develop a desktop game called Qube.

While Qube was in development Dan and his fellow directors managed their relatively simple finances with spreadsheets, but in the run-up to launch they knew they needed a better system, so in late 2011 went looking for a modern accountancy solution, and found us!

“We knew our finances were about to get much more complicated as we were just about to receive our first income, so we decided it was time to get an accountant.”

Dan speaks to his account manager Charley on a monthly basis, and found her advice indispensable when it came time for Mudvark to take on its first employee.

Dan and his fellow directors at Toxic make use of our Snap and Mile Cruncher apps to easily record their business expenses, and love our everything-under-one-roof approach to small business accounting.

“I think my favourite feature is probably everything working together. Seeing it all in one place is really convenient, especially with a company with several directors. It’s almost fun; far better than a musty old accountants’ office!”

Dan and Gene Da Rocha

Dan was so impressed with our service that he recommended us to his Dad, Gene, who came on board in August 2012. Of course, they made sure to get their Crunch² referral vouchers.

Having formed his company, Voxstar, in 2010, Gene began using a traditional accountant, but was frustrated at having to wait until the end of every financial year to find out his tax liabilities.

“Everything being done a year in arrears meant I never knew how much money I really had. I’d have plenty sitting in the bank, but then my accountant would tell me I needed most of it to pay my tax bill! When their prices started to creep up I started looking around, and Dan recommended Crunch.”

Gene has found moving from a traditional accountant to an online accounting service a refreshing change of pace, and regularly accesses his accounts from his desktop, iPad and smartphone.

“My account manager Johnny was really helpful when I first came on board. I was part way through my financial year and he helped me figure out my VAT returns and Year End filings.”

We spend more hours that we’d care to admit making sure our clients are as happy as can be, and recommending our services to a family member is just about the best endorsement we could hope for!