Meet Jacob Aldridge, Crunch client and antipodean Business Coach.

Jacob began coaching in his native Australia, before moving to the UK in 2010. Down under he had always used a traditional accountant, but upon his arrival in the UK a colleague recommended Crunch instead – a suggestion for which he “will always be grateful.”

He got stuck in immediately and had his account manager form a limited company. There were obviously questions to be answered, with Jacob having never operated a limited company in the UK before. A quick chat with an accountant later, and the benefits of a Crunch account became immediately obvious:

“In that first conversation my accountant found some tax savings that have paid for my Crunch fees many, many times over!”

Jacob Aldridge

After two years coaching in the UK, Jacob decided to move back to Australia (we’re assuming it had something to do with the weather), but thanks to our online service there was no need to close down his company, and he still looks after a clutch of UK clients while we take care of the book – even though he lives halfway around the world. Despite the distance chatting with his account manager is no problem.

“I’ve always found email to be best way to speak to my account manager. I don’t have to think about time zones. I’ve sent emails from Australia, Italy, the USA, and of course when I’ve actually been in London – the responses are always prompt and helpful. My account manager has always been a lot of fun. The great tax advice is the biggest reason I recommend the service. Oh, and I once won a Crunch coffee mug on Twitter!”

Common sense might be that the bureaucratic bits of running a UK business from abroad – the Annual Returns and tax filings – would be the trickiest part. Not so with a Crunch account, and Jacob reports that balancing his UK clients with his burgeoning Australian workload is actually his main concern. All he needs to do is drop his invoices and expenses into our online accounting software and his team take care of the rest – meanwhile email and tools like Yammer and Sharepoint ensure the rest of his business runs smoothly.

The biggest problem facing Jacob, surprisingly, is the lack of an Australian equivalent to Crunch!

“Now back based in Australia, I’ve been looking for a similar option. The closest I can find is an online accountancy software package – I would need to find an accountant to work with as well. As a business coach-consultant, my time really is money, and all of the alternatives just seem like duplication of effort. Crunch is a complete accountant and software package.”

Accounting has traditionally been a bit of a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to modernisation, so it’s great to hear about freelancers and small businesses taking advantage of Crunch to operate their businesses remotely from anywhere in the world. As another textbook British summer rolls into view, we have to say we’re tempted to join them!