Summer holidays are traditionally the time of year when people jet away to foreign climes and enjoy a few precious weeks of sunshine on a sandy beach. Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to come back, though?

This was the dream that led to the creation of Hotel Trail, when husband and wife Juan Novoa and Caroline Doherty decided they wanted to start a location-independent business and travel the world while running it.

Hotel Trail offers guest satisfaction analysis for hotels, and after joining Crunch in early 2012 Juan and Caroline have had no problems running their UK limited company, despite spending almost no time actually in the country.

We joined Crunch soon after launching our company in 2012 to help support and streamline all of our accounting processes. Until then we were just managing these by ourselves. Crunch seemed to be a no-nonsense solution, offering an intuitive and easy to use platform, good support and an affordable price.
Juan and Caroline

As well as using a Crunch account to manage their finances, Juan and Caroline use a Skype phone number to enable their clients to reach them wherever they are in the world, a Regus virtual office address to take care of their business post, and a Business World subscription to give them access to business lounges worldwide, ensuring they can get some work done in transit.

It was as much a lifestyle choice as it was a business choice. We wanted to be totally location-independent. In the last year we’ve visited Spain, the UK, the US, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, and have been running the whole business out of the two bags we originally brought from the UK. All our processes are designed to support our lifestyle.
Unlike other countries, in the UK – once the company is up and running – you don’t really need to have a physical presence in the country if you have the right tools to support your business requirements. In our case we haven’t come across any significant issues while managing our UK company from abroad. We know we can just leave it to Crunch to deal with the accounting side of our business. This gives us a great deal of peace of mind. We get prompt notifications when we need to take a specific action and know we have the support we need when we need it.

As with most of our clients, Juan and Caroline find they speak to their account manager and accountant more often when it comes close to their Year End, and use their experiences working remotely to make sure they communicate in the most efficient way.

We use email for very specific queries, or Skype when we need to provide more detail. Both channels work very well for us and we have found the team at Crunch to be very timely in their response.

As you may have guessed from our blog content recently, we’re incredibly interested in the pros and cons of remote working – and we think Hotel Trail proves that with the right business infrastructure it can be done, and done well.