Last week we excitedly welcomed people into Crunch Towers as part of Wired Sussex’s Open Studios week, which in turn was a part of the 2013 Brighton Digital Festival.

We had a fantastic week of presentations, workshops and Q&As, and met scores of locals interested in what we’re doing, and how we can help them run their business better. We thought we’d round up the week’s events here for convenience.

Monday – Accountancy and tax workshop

For our first event, senior accountants Laura and Chris walked small business owners through the basics of accounting and tax. Their presentation is below –


Tuesday – Achieving freelancing awesomeness

Our biggest event, put on by the Freelance Advisor team, featured three presentations from expert freelancers as well as a Q&A with Lord Parry Mitchell, who joined us from the Labour Conference.

Presentation 1: Paul Silver – Why competition is your greatest sales tool

Presentation 2: Bex White – How to meet deadlines and still have time for everything else
Slides and commentary here.

Presentation 3: Kati Byrne – Social Media survival kit

Wednesday – How to build a disruptive business

For our third and final event, our MD Darren took the stage to talk about his experiences building his first business, Pure360, and now Crunch. The evening started with James and Nick from the Development team talking about open APIs (although we can’t share their presentation here because it contained super-secret things that we’re not ready to announce just yet!).

Before Darren’s presentation, embedded below.

All in all, a fantastic few days! Thanks to everyone who came along, and we look forward to doing it all again next year!