Rachel Papworth

We often talk about the advantages to both the environment and your sanity of using online accounting software. By keeping your accounts and tax filings online we digitise somewhere in the region of 125,000 paper documents per year – and in the process keep all that nasty paperwork off your desk.

It makes perfect sense, then, that a professional declutterer would see the advantages of a Crunch account straight away. No annoying receipts messing up your desk, all your records safely backed-up and filterable – total bookkeeping zen.

Rachel Papworth and her decluttering company Green and Tidy signed up to Crunch almost 3 years ago, and we’ve been helping her run a clutter-free business ever since.

Green and Tidy works with individuals and businesses to deal with their organisational and cluttering issues, through face-to-face coaching sessions, telephone and Skype conversations, and a ten week online course which helps participants understand the psychology behind their clutter while they clear it.

Rachel herself has a degree in psychology and has many years of coaching experience. Now, through Green and Tidy, she helps people identify and work through the issues behind clutter – as well as getting their houses nice and tidy!

“I love the way clearing your clutter helps you clear your mind. Physical clutter’s often a manifestation of mental and emotional clutter, and tackling your stuff can be a gentle way to start processing things that have held you back for years. As my clients clear their clutter, they often start making progress in other areas of their lives: working with a professional stylist for example; repairing or redecorating their homes; getting back in touch with friends; finding a more fulfilling job.

“It’s good for the environment too. It gets stuff back into circulation and helps you remember what you’ve got so you don’t buy duplicates. That’s why I call the company Green and Tidy.”

Before and afterA sole trader veteran of some 16 years, Rachel decided to move to an online solution a few years ago, and formed her own limited company at the same time. As we all know, incorporation comes with extra paperwork, but Crunch’s online tax filings and help from Rachel’s Account Manager made her first year end as painless as possible, and Rachel now speaks to her Account Manager Joe every so often when she has a specific question.

“I use Crunch on an as-and-when basis. I have a few hours of desk time most days, so it’s easy to dip in and out. If I have an invoice that needs raising or an expense to claim, I just take a moment to get it done right away.”

True to form, Rachel enjoys keeping her accounts as simple and streamlined as possible, and makes good use of Crunch’s built-in automation.

“The little time-saving features are my favourite – setting expenses to recur automatically is a great trick for regular bills, as is automatically recharging expenses to clients.

“I suppose it appeals to an organised mind!”

If you’d like a free decluttering masterclass, head over to Green and Tidy’s website.