Greyworld aren’t a particularly normal small business – in fact they might not call themselves a small business at all.

Founded by artists Andrew Shoben and Neil Gavin, Greyworld produce works of public art all around the world. You’ve probably seen some of them – the artificial sun that lit up Trafalgar Square in early 2012 or the animatronic brass statue outside the Tate Modern.

Founded in 1996, Greyworld has a mission to produce works of art that easily engage the public in urban areas. To put it in their own words, to create “creative expression in parts of the city that usually exclude it.”

Andrew puts it like this:

“Most people don’t start their day and think “Right, I’m going to go and see some art” – most of the time they go out to buy a tin of beans or visit their grandma.”

Greyworld want to expose more people to art by, quite simply, making it fun and putting it right in front of them.

Like most businesses started in the 1990s, Greyworld signed up with a traditional accountant and became accustomed to a fairly hands-off approach to managing their finances – and the lack of clarity that comes with it. Earlier this year, after running across Crunch, they realised they could use a modern accounting service to not only get a better understanding of their finances, but save a boatload of cash.

Greyworld’s Account Manager Cara helped them master our online accounting software in no time, and helped them claim all their business expenses, including their regular taxi travel using our mobile app Snap.

With real time visibility of their finances, on-call support from Cara, and an 80% reduction in their accountancy costs Greyworld’s finances have never been in better shape – letting them get on with creating amazing sculptures and installations to make London and other cities around the world a little bit less grey.