Finding freelance work and getting more clients is vital for your success as a freelancer. Killer copywriter Leif Kendall outlines his bold new marketing method.

Awesomitisation: A new approach to finding clients and being a happy, successful freelancer

What do you want? Like every freelancer in the history of the world, you probably want:

  • More work
  • More clients

Rare is the freelancer who wants no more clients. Unless agencies are burying you in a torrent of work, you will be constantly looking for new jobs. It’s part of the fun of freelancing.

But how do you find clients?

Many freelancers find work by searching for it, and by marketing. Marketing, marketing, marketing – that’s the mantra of many a frazzled freelancer. And there’s something in that advice. Freelancers that don’t do any marketing often run out of work and have to return to regular employment. So marketing is definitely important. In fact it’s vital to most freelancers. But marketing can destroy you.

Freelancers who focus too heavily on the pursuit of new clients commit a fatal error: they don’t put enough energy and passion into the clients they DO have. So those few clients get a so-so service. The client gets what they paid for, but the experience is tinged with LAME. This is a big problem.

But there’s ANOTHER WAY.

I call it awesomitising. By awesomitising your work, every project will be a powerful marketing campaign.

Can I be Awesomitised?


How can I Awesomitise Myself?

The best time to perform your marketing magic is when you’re working on a client’s project. Every time a client comes your way, you need to do more than just take their project and perform the tasks required of you. You need to understand more than just their project. You need to smell the rhythm of their corporate heart. Slide behind their skin and feel their hot throbbing pulse between your fingers. What does it taste like?

Brochure Smochure

Think about your clients, and ask:

  1. Who are they?
  2. What do they really need?

Your client may be asking you to design a brochure, but what do they really want? Nobody wants brochures. Who cares about brochures?! NOBODY.

Brochures are just a tool. They’re a tool that facilitates something better, something more significant.

Find out what your client wants to achieve, rather than how they want to achieve it. Look past the superficiality of their request, their “brochure”. Question their motivation.


Discover your client’s goals and then devise a plan to help them get there. The client has a destination. They need to get over the puddle. Scoop them up in your big strong arms and carry them over the puddle. Plonk them down on the dry land of success, and smooth their skirts with your powerful, effective hands.

If you can help your clients to solve their problems, then they will be your marketing department.

Let your work be your marketing. Let your work stand before you, testament to your awesomeness. Nothing is more convincing than cold, hard reality.

Do great stuff, then demonstrate great stuff. People will notice this great stuff and ask you to do great stuff for them.

The first (and for the time-being only) commandment of awesomitising:

Don’t give clients a piece of work. Give them a life-changing experience.

By Leif Kendall – a totally awesomitised freelance web & SEO copywriter