Derek is a freelance copywriter who worked as a sole trader before joining Crunch in January.


He wanted to form a limited company without spending an endless amount of time fiddling about with his accounting.


DerekĀ formed a limited company with Crunch and discovered that running a limited company could be surprisingly easy…

“As a freelance copywriter, I need to concentrate on writing ads and finding new clients: not messing about with book-keeping.”

“The beauty of Crunch is that it’s so quick and simple to manage. I can now raise and email invoices before I’ve even left a client’s premises, which saves me time and helps to get me paid quicker. But perhaps the best thing about Crunch is that it gives you full visibility of your overall financial picture at all times: which is so much better than waiting for an accountant to put you in the picture about your tax liability three months after the year-end.”

“Crunch has given me peace of mind as well as more time in the day to concentrate on my core business.”


Image by Mark Vanstraelen ~ cc