Clive is the founder and principal consultant of Strategic Management Partners. He has over 25 years commercial experience in delivering bottom line benefits for client teams from the MD to the receptionist. Many years advisory experience with Investors in People, Innovation and Enterprise Agencies has produced numerous national award-winning projects.

Clive is a founder of the not-for-profit Innovation Forum and delivers consultancy funded by government bodies to bring innovative products and services to the market. Previous roles have included Chairman of a national business consortium, and Programme Developer for professional institutes.


Clive became more and more concerned with fee increases at his previous accountancy: “My accountancy fees increased because my accountants office costs had increased and I was paying more fees for those overheads directly. Accounting firms with major office costs simply pass those overheads to clients. I would like them to cut their office overheads not increase their fees. I prefer to pay my own taxes not other people’s business rates.”

Clive also required faster automated information at a time when his accountant was busy looking after bigger clients.


Clive switched to Crunch which saved him over £1000 in annual fees. Crunch also saved him money by switching his tax status from sole trader to limited company. He said: “Most sole traders pay business tax at personal rates from 25-40% which is much higher than tax based on company dividend payments at 18%. Crunch switched my tax trading status in a day and saved me a fortune in future taxes for less than £100.”

He felt that the change to a limited company was even more advantageous in the current economic climate: “I am aware that a transfer from sole trader to limited company would win more work with bigger clients. In today’s new economy of bad bad debts and supplier failure, clients like to see supplier’s accounts, openly and transparently. Most freelancers never win big clients because they fail to show audited limited company accounts. I’ve worked with some of the biggest and best companies in the country and plan to work with more with a limited liability trading status.”

Clive also has the benefit of access to several qualified accountants rather than just one: “Instead of one accountant I now have access to several qualified accountants from a single source. They can all see my financial position online and give me support every day of the week if needed. No more reliance on unqualified assistants when the accountant goes on holiday.

“There are now more demands for fast response to new tax situations than ever before. I have faster access to more support on hand than I did previously. Crunch has an easy access library of Q and A support info and having my accounts online gives me 24/7 access for updates. 9-5 should be client time not accounting time.”

New rules and regulations also mean that Clive would have been forced into doing his accounting online anyway. The Crunch system offers an easy way to do this:

“We are being obliged into online accounting anyway by HMRC. Using a professional online system designed by accountants specifically for my own business sector seems smarter than applying my own DIY process. Mistakes using personal online systems are avoided with Crunch technology.”