Rohan is an innovation producer who helps people and organisations think creatively in response to changes that happen around them. In particular, he works with cultural organisations existing in the digital space. He heads up the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab as well as SYNC – a new innovation programme for the cultural sector in Scotland.

Besides his consultancy work, Rohan is also founder of buddhify – an innovative urban meditation app and he also writes about 21st century meditation at 21awake.


Rohan had spent most of his career working within organisations and he went freelance for the first time in July [2009]. He had never previously required direct contact with accountants, but when he became a freelancer he started searching for online accounting systems.


Rohan found out about Crunch through the website Freelance Advisor. “When I became freelance I was looking for a simple accounting system. I realised Crunch was a good fit for my needs,” He said: “I was looking at online invoicing systems and when I came across Crunch I saw it provided a 360-degree service.”

Rohan was impressed with what he saw: “I used to work with an innovation agency so it’s part of my expertise. I like the idea. It’s an innovative model so I was interested in being a part of that model as it grows.” He added: “Using the system for the first time I found it to be quite intuitive and it was clear they had made sure that useability and design was a priority, which is something I appreciate.”

Aside from the technological aspects of the service, he has also found the customer-service “excellent”

But there was another reason, besides practical considerations, for choosing Crunch: “I like the fact that it’s a British start-up company especially as I spend a lot of time with innovative companies.”