Steve Calvert is a director at Borlotti. He started contracting for the first time after 25 years of permanent employment in the fields of general electronics engineering and telecoms software. He is also a software consultant at Ubiquisys. He is currently working on a contract for ‘femtocell’ mobile technology.


For many software contracts Limited Company status is a standard requirement. Steve was keen to set up under the limited banner, and he was specifically looking for an online accountancy service which specialised in freelancers.


Steve found out about Crunch whilst researching accountancy services online: “I picked Crunch because it popped up when I was doing a google search of accountants specialising in freelancers.” He said: “Being a bit geeky, I was particularly attracted by the online web interface for handling invoices and expenses. I was very impressed by the look and feel of the Crunch website, and I love the idea of having online software to provide a way to submit expenses/invoices.”

The speed at which Steve was able to set up as a limited company through Crunch came as a surprise: “I found the setting up process to be extremely fast and efficient – I had a half hour chat with Crunch in the morning, and the company setup confirmation came through in the afternoon!” The process took just three and-a-half hours.

Steve has just started his first contract working on UMTS femtocell development. He admits that everything has gone smoothly, but he had just one slight worry: “One area of managing the accounts that I was concerned about was the subject of director’s pay/dividends etc, but the Crunch software has been updated with a mechanism that should simplify this procedure.” He said: “I was pleased to see that support has been added in this area.”

As the Crunch service continues to develop, further benefits continue to be felt, at no extra cost. Steve said: “I’m impressed by their plan to integrate the web interface with the company bank account to provide automated reconciliation of payments and receipts.”