New research claims that a ‘lack of straight talking’ is costing small businesses a total of £36 million a week.

Attaching a precise figure to communication issues is clearly not an exact science, and identifying what amounts to ‘skirting around the issue’ is open to interpretation. Nonetheless, ensuring efficient communication processes is a vital tool in keeping costs down and service levels at an optimum.

2,000 small businesses contributed to the survey undertaken by T-Mobile, and 86% said that they wasted time talking to suppliers, customers, partners and staff because they didn’t get straight to the point.

The problem can be even worse in the world of accounting where many practitioners charge for the time you spend with them. Not exactly what you want when discussing a complex tax issue. Or even a relatively simple tax issue for that matter. In such situations time really is money!

That’s why in the 21st century, a genuine all-in-one accountancy service can be so helpful. By automating many of the boring accounting processes which previously would have been done manually, both time and money can be saved – and it enables an accountant to focus more of their attention on you the customer, without having to charge extra for the privilege.