Here’s a quick heads up about plans for Companies House to make most of their filing services electronic-only by March 2013. This means that the process of incorporating a limited company, filing annual returns and accounts will no longer be done via paper copies. By their own reckoning this means 92% of all Companies House transactions.

So, what benefits can you expect?

Companies House list the following reasons to be cheerful:

* Lower fees.

* Easier and quicker processing.

* An increased likelihood of getting it right first time (Companies House say that people who file electronically are six times more likely to get it right at the first attempt).

* Increased security and reduced levels of fraud.

* Guaranteed delivery (your papers are not going to get lost in the post!).

By doing your filing electronically you can already save 25% for incorporating a limited company and 50% for annual returns compared to doing them on paper. In many ways it works on the same logic as doing your accounting online. By automating many of the time-consuming manual processes, you can save time, money and hassle. Not a bad business model, eh?

For Crunch customers this won’t make much of a difference as your account manager looks after your correspondence with Companies House – and we even act as your registered office!