A truly exciting trend is emerging as more and more of our customers approach us with plans to expand their business. Not content with being one-man bands, our micro-business customers are keen to employ staff and increase the scope of their operations. Luckily, we’re in a position to help them realise their ambitions with our soon to be released payroll service.

15 percent of our almost-1,000 customers, made up of single and two director companies, have enquired about introducing PAYE staff into their set-up.

Our experience is supported by a study from Barclays Bank and Kingston University which suggests small businesses will be a key driver of the UK economy.

The report found that 66% of owner-manager businesses are expecting to grow in 2011 while 56% of small businesses are expecting an increase in profits in the next 12 months.

Crunch MD, Darren Fell, was naturally upbeat: “What we are seeing is the economy really starting to pick-up. Many of our customers are growing and are telling us they need to recruit. We are consistently seeing freelancers and contractors, who have set-up as limited companies, inquire about adding PAYE staff.”

Our new payroll service will cater for up to ten employees and is set to launch at the end of this month. For companies with one to five employees, the payroll feature will cost an additional £24.50 a month and for up to ten employees, it will be £34.50.

Crunch Payroll will provide the following features:

– Production of monthly payslips (sent electronically).

– PAYE & NI contribution calculations for you to pay HMRC.

– All related statutory matters – maternity, paternity, sick pay, student loan deductions.


– Year end return forms P35, P14 & P60′s.

“The plan was always to provide innovative accounting to freelancers and contractors that develop into microbusinesses,” Darren adds, “The whole area from freelancer to microbusiness is, in our view, one of the most vibrant and exciting. This is where our focus and expertise will remain.”

“After years of supporting the community with free advice sites like freelanceadvisor.co.uk, and now contractoradvisor.co.uk, it’s fantastic to see these small businesses flourish.”

Find out more about Crunch payroll here.