We’re big fans of coffee shop coworking here at Crunch. We honestly can’t think of a finer activity than sitting down for a nice cup of coffee and a chat with some fellow freelancers, and getting some work done to boot.

We’d recommend freelancers similarly enamoured with coffee shop coworking check out Jelly, a series of local weekly events for freelancers to enjoy some coffee and good company. Happily, we now have some science to back up our assertions about coffee shop coworking.

The Journal of Consumer Research conducted a study which challenged 300 participants to complete a range of mental exercises at three different noise levels. One group completed the tasks in complete silence, one group at noise levels of 70 decibels (around what you could expect in a coffee shop), and one group in “loud” conditions.

Happily for coworking freelancers everywhere, the group experiencing roughly coffee-shop levels of noise scored highest in creativity tests and were deemed to be “more innovative” than their compatriots.

But not all freelancers and small business owners are so in love with coffee shop working, it would seem. A separate study by The Office Group (who deal in flexible office space, so take their study with the requisite heap of salt) has shown that 87% of entrepreneurs “think twice” about working in a coffee shop, with nearly half specifically citing the coffee shop buzz as detrimental to their working experience and productivity.

What do you think? Are you in love with coffee shop working, or do you find it distracting? Let us know in the comments.

Photo by Alper Cugun