The internet highway is a dangerous place littered with false tax rebates and Nigerian princes offering millions of pounds in exchange for personal details.

A Government backed initiative has been rolled out aimed at tightening up security and awareness amongst businesses that leave themselves susceptible to the cyber highwaymen out there.

A new website entitled Cyber Street provides interactive information, software, and videos that will prompt businesses and home owners to improve their security and privacy.

Dater collected prior to Christmas by the Information Commissioner’s Office’s found that 60% of the British public now own a smartphone and 20% a tablet – arguably higher in the wake of the post-Christmas influx.

Included in the online tutorials are guidelines on how to properly separate personal and business use on such devices, as workers are increasingly finding the lines embarrassingly crossing over.

As one of the private investors in the scheme, Facebook have also provided advice on social networking safety for parents, businesses and children alike.

The campaign, which comes in the wake of 2013’s online privacy issues, is funded by the Government’s National Cyber Security Programme and has received additional support from Facebook, Sophos, RBS Group and Financial Fraud Action UK.