New technologies such as cloud computing and 4G have helped to buffer the effects of the recession on UK business.

A new report, commissioned by Vodaphone, suggests that UK businesses have reinvented themselves during a stagnant economy to exploit the opportunities of the digital marketplace.

The spread of communications technology was stated as a significant factor. Increased access has facilitated all aspects of running a business, resulting in improved productivity.

Daniel Rajkumar, managing director of Leeds-based online translation service, WebTranslations, said:

“The consumerisation of technology has levelled the playing field. Technologies that were once prohibitively expensive and therefore out of reach for all except the largest and most established corporate businesses are now widely available to everyone, including many of the freelancers we work with.”

Recent years have seen explosive growth in the freelance industry, with a report published in 2012 stating a 12% increase in that year alone.

This is partly explained by increased access to the global market through the internet. Matt Barrie, CEO of said:

“We are seeing growth on every continent which is exciting… work can really happen any time, from anywhere for almost any job you can think of.”