A survey of around 50,000 creative and marketing industry professionals has revealed that the digital sector is currently the most highly paid for freelancers.

The highest salary listing on the survey was for digital executive creative directors, who earn £600 a day on average.

The digital sector also sported one of the highest paid junior positions, with junior digital designers earning up to £220 a day.

High pay rates in this sector were explained by increased demand, especially for designers specialising in mobile and responsive design.

Meanwhile, account management was the worst paid, with graduate account managers earning £80 a day on average and the most senior positions earning up to £400.

Despite this, salaries overall were generally high. This is consistent with a 2013 report, which found that payments made by businesses to freelancers rose by 47% from 2012.

Overall, the news is positive for the UK freelance economy. Kjetil J. Olsen, VP of Europe for online work platform, Elance, said:

“There are more employers, hiring more freelancers across a wider range of jobs… but it’s also evident that for tens of thousands of UK businesses, retaining freelancers as an integral part of their talent mix is becoming an essential strategy.”