Consumer groups would be involved in a future Labour government to increase business competition and benefit consumers, Ed Miliband has said.

In an interview for the Andrew Marr Show, the Opposition Leader said groups like Which? and Citizens’ Advice would be brought in to help plan and create an annual competition audit.

This is a continuation of Labour’s recent attempts to address cost of living problems. Miliband claims that greater competition will help alleviate these issues. This comes along with his recent announcement to increase competition within the banking industry and reform the energy companies.

From April, a new regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority, is to take over from the Competition Commission and Office of Fair Trading.

Miliband has said he wants Labour to be “the party of the consumer” and said the country needs a “new economy” built on “open” not “broken” competition. He says the party will help consumer groups get more involved in dealing with problem areas.

By including Which? and Citizen’s Advice, Miliband says it will help “…ensure competition to benefit consumers and businesses”.