Research by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, has found that bosses in the UK are some of the most confident in the world.

In regards to their future prospects, 93% had a positive outlook for the next year, while in comparison last year it was only 78%.

On top of this, around two thirds of bosses said they were going to take on new staff in 2014. The global average, according to the report, is 50%.

While British chief executives were showing some of the highest numbers from the survey, those from Taiwan, Korea and the Middle East were reported to be more likely to bring in new people over this coming year.

The survey also found that despite making new hires, UK bosses were going to bring in cost reductions during 2014. The report suggested that growth “did not mark the end of austerity” for companies.

The chairman of PwC, Ian Powell, said: “Companies right across the UK are moving beyond the private optimism they’ve been expressing in the boardroom.” Powell also pointed out that recent economic growth brings about its own challenges as new strategies are needed to make businesses “fit for the future in a fiercely competitive global market”.

It wasn’t all positive though, according to Powell. He said UK companies were not looking into the potential of new growth markets. Only 5%, compared to the global average of 14%, were considering new export markets to encourage growth.