3,000 rules and regulations applicable to small businesses are to be scrapped by the current government, resulting in over £850m in savings.

The prime minister, David Cameron, is to announce these plans later on today at a conference for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

800 regulations have already been abolished or simplified, with a large chunk of future cuts to be made by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). Mr. Cameron is expected to say:

“By March 2015 Defra will have slashed 80,000 pages of environmental guidance saving businesses around £100m per year.”

The cuts will  include 640 pages of cattle movement guidance, 286 pages of hedgerow regulations and 380 pages of waste management rules.

The FSB has criticised the government’s previous policy decisions, calling the current system “congested and confusing”, also saying that supporting small businesses should not be a ‘nice to have’ afterthought to policy-making.

In the USA the equivalent to the FSB, the Small Business Administration (SBA), is part of the government and has a much stronger influence at the centre of power.

Karen Mills, ex-head of the SBA and speaking at the conference today, said:

“When small business has a seat at the table, we can more effectively focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, which are critical components to a strong economic game plan in today’s world.”