A study in late 2013 found that the UK technology sector was growing faster than ever before, and innovative tech companies were taking on employees faster than every other area of the UK economy. Now, keen to ensure all these burgeoning tech companies are making use of the available tax breaks, HMRC is planning a roadshow to help educate the nation’s digital sector.

In the sessions, taking place in eight cities across the country, HMRC will tackle topics such as:

  • R&D tax credits and the Patent Box tax incentive
  • Grants, knowledge transfer, networking and procurement
  • EU funding for business R&D and innovation, including the Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation
  • Patents and intellectual property
  • Help with innovation and opportunities to commercialise technology through design projects

There will also be ample opportunity to get all your questions answered, with open Q&A sessions with HMRC experts following every presentation. The sessions will be held on the follow dates:

  • Tues 11th March – Cambridge
  • Tues 18 March – Leicester
  • Thurs 3rd April – Reading
  • Wed 9 April – Plymouth
  • Wed 30 April – Oxford
  • Wed 14 May – Sheffield
  • Wed 4 June – Portsmouth
  • Wed 18 June – Scotland (TBC)

HMRC Assistant Director of Business Tax Carol Lunney said:

“Innovation lies at the heart of our culture. British ideas and inventions have helped shape our world, from the telephone to the World Wide Web. The UK has the largest creative sector per head in the world. These workshops are designed to ensure our high-tech SMEs get the help they need to help them invest in R&D and innovation.”

Those wishing to attend can book places here.