Looking to do away with their omnipresent aura of Etonian elitism, the Conservative Party will today float the idea of referring to themselves as the “Workers’ Party”, reflecting their stated aim of becoming the political party that best supports hard-working citizens and businesses.

At Conservative Party headquarters this morning, Chairman Grant Schapps will state:

“The Conservatives are the Workers’ party and we are on your side.

“We are fighting for […] a Britain where it doesn’t matter who your parents are, where you can go as far as your talents and hard work will take you, and where work – rather than benefits – is what pays.”

Alongside former Prime Minister John Major, Schapps will outline the Conservative’s vision for the UK, as well as their five-point plan for the British economy:

  • Reducing the deficit
  • Cutting income tax
  • Freezing fuel duty
  • Backing small business to create more jobs
  • Capping welfare and reducing immigration
  • Delivering the best schools

Highlighting the need for better schools, the Conservative’s five-point plan is actually six points.

As next year’s general election approaches the main parties continue to outline their pitch to individuals and small businesses. The Labour Party last month detailed their plans to win over freelancers, contractors and SMEs by creating a Small Business Administration to represent the interests of the UK’s small firms at Government level.