A report into Britain’s manufacturing sectors has revealed that the industry is seeing positive levels of optimism which is converting into higher rates of recruitment and investment.

The survey completed by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation and the business advisers and accountancy firm, BDO, has now been published and says the increasing optimism in the sector is due to strong sales reports and overseas trade.

The survey also shows that consistency is starting to form in comparisons to other quarters. Every region and sector has seen improvement with imports and exports being well balanced.

This has translated into companies looking to expand their workforce with recruitment on the up, while there is more positive talk of investing, something the economy needs to see more of.

The Chief Economist at EEF said: “This is the most positive set of indicators we have seen for some time, demonstrating that we’ve not just turned the corner, we’re actively heading down the right road. Manufacturers are clearly feeling more confident as their order books fill up and exports are strong. It is now vital that Government does all that it can to underpin support for companies, giving manufacturers the confidence to fulfil their investment and recruitment plans.”

The survey also gave a prediction that this trend will continue into the second quarter. It is expected that there will be an output balance of +29% which matches the previous high of 2004’s Q1.