George Osborne has announced in today’s Budget that there be support for 200,000 new homes in Britain.

The current government has oft been criticised for the lack of new homes built, with levels being as low as they were at the turn of the century.

Osborne’s plans for the future will come as good news for contractors and the construction industry if they come to fruition.

The Chancellor announced that they will be building 15,000 new homes in a ‘garden city’ at Ebbsfleet. Plans for the area have been in suggest for the last 20 years, but with the addition of high-speed trains in recent years, there may be a bigger push on development.

Osborne also said that the Help to Buy scheme will help at least 74,000 households buy a new build home, while he announced the scheme will continue for another 10 years to help 120,000 households get a new home.