ONS Employment figures for November to January painted a positive picture for the UK as a whole, but it seems – unsurprisingly – that some regions have fared better than others.

The South West showed the biggest gains in employment with an increase of 1%, with London in second place at 0.5%. Unfortunately a few regions saw drops in their employment. The East of England and the North West both dropped by 0.2%, while the East Midlands fell by 0.1%.

This is in contrast to a national average of 0.2%

The employment rate was at 72.3% across the country, with the South East the strongest region at 76.4% and the North East at the bottom with 68.2%. The capital was also below average with a rate of 71.4%.

The unemployment rate also threw up some divisions within regions. With the UK sitting at 7.2%, the North East was way above at 9.5%, while Yorkshire and The Humber sat at 8.7% with the West Midlands and London at 8.2%.

Coming below the national average was the South East at 5.2%, the East of England at 5.8% and the South West at 5.9%.

In terms of change, Wales saw the largest decrease of 0.7%, while the North West saw their rate rise by 0.6%. The country itself saw the rate fall by 0.2%.

Finally, in terms of jobs, the majority of the country saw this number rise with London showing the biggest increase of 76,000. The largest drop was found in Wales with the region losing 2,000 jobs.