New research has suggested that Britain will take the lead in mobile shopping during 2014. The study from the Centre for Retail Research has found Brits will spend £7.9bn on their phones this year. Mobile shopping iset to make up 20% of all online transactions.

This is up from 2013 by £3bn and beyond the levels any other European country is reaching. There is still growth across Europe though, with spend jumping from £10.7 billion last year to £19.8 billion this year.

Smartphone ownerships is on the rise as 48% of people in Europe now have one. On the other hand, only one in five have actually used them to look at a retail site in the last 3 months. In comparison, 28% of Brits had accessed them, with Germany a close second with 27%. France and Italy sat last with 12%.

Guilio Montemagno, Senior Vice President of International at RetailMeNot, said: “The emerging m-commerce market today in Europe and the US resembles that of e-commerce in the early part of last decade. As smartphones and tablets have become increasingly sophisticated, more consumers are using mobile devices to shop.

This is a trend we are seeing both in-store and online, with consumers using smartphones to research products, looking for voucher codes and making purchases. Our study suggests that purchases on smartphones and tablets could account for nearly a fifth of all online transaction in the UK this year and some £7.9 billion in sales.”