Another rise in the self-employed along with permanent employee numbers now increasing, the UK’s employment rate has risen to 72.6%.

Between September to November 2013 and December 2013 to February 2014, the number of self-employed has risen by 146,000 up to a nice round 4.5 million.

Permanent employees have increased by 99,000, which shows they are recovering since the drop recording in the previous ONS figures.

The number of those employed now sits at 30.39 million, a rise of 239,000 from the September to November period, while up 691,000 from the year before.


While this looks good for the country on the whole with most regions seeing positive signs, ONS’s regional statistics show there is still disparity across different areas of the UK.

The South East is sitting far above the national level at 76.3%. The North East, in comparison, is at 69.1% – the lowest in the country. The NE did show the second highest rise in employment, which hopefully suggests there will be more improvement in the future.

In terms of unemployment, the North East had the highest rate of 9.3%, with the South West at just 4.9% which saw 1.6% of its population find work. The national level of unemployment is currently at 6.9%.

Image by Anton Marussig.