Confidence around job prospects in the UK is at its highest since 2007, according to a recent study by consumer insights firm, Nielson.

The study, which looked at 33 European countries, found that British consumers were the sixth most confident about their job prospects with over 30% feeling positive about the future of their career in the first quarter of the year.

Figures for the same period last year put Briton’s job confidence in line with the European average at 23%, the number of British consumers reporting confidence in their career prospects has now risen above the European average for Q1 2014.

These figures positively reflect the growing number of improved employment prospects and salaries in the UK. Chris Morley, group managing director of Nielson for UK & Ireland, said:

“Our consumer sentiment figures, which show that Britons feel more positive about their job prospects, mirror a recent report from the Office for National Statistics indicating UK employment reached a record high of 30.4m and that wage rises matched inflation for the first time since 2010.”

The news comes around the same time as ONS figures released earlier in the month, which show the UK’s employment rate has risen to 72.6%. Self-employed workers make up a sizeable proportion of that figure, now reaching 4.5 million. This is good news all round, as confidence in British careers prospects is evident across the board.

Photo by Guian Bolisay