More and more tech companies are calling London home, according to London & Partners.

The UK capital’s promotional body has also said that more US and Chinese firms are coming to the city. London & Partners have helped 260 international businesses get themselves set up in London during 2013. This is a 16% increase on the year previous.

There was also a slight increase in tech companies, with 90 heading to the nation’s capital, up 2 from the previous year. Business services and creative industries also showed record numbers, with new life sciences, retail, financial services and construction firms also coming to London.

The body also say that the companies will create new jobs. In their first year they will create 4,407 jobs, and after 3 have created 9,141.

An increase in American companies was also seen as 54, one of which was LinkedIn, took root in the capital, up from 49. China brought 24, a modest increase from the 22 the previous year. This includes plans to develop the Royal Albert Dock by ABP, a Chinese company.

This comes as the government attempts to entice European and other foreign companies to move to the country and help boost the economy, saying Britain is “open for business”.

Image by E01