A report published by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG found that staff appointments are rising.

April saw a strong increase in permanent jobs although the level of expansion did not surpass the February peak a few months back.

Vacancy levels also rose as businesses continue to expand and take on more workers. The rate of growth stayed about the same as it was back in March.

This does mean that candidates are in much higher demand than before, with the level of available workers falling during April. Wages also saw their most notable increase since June 2007.

There was also good news for the North and the Midlands with both regions showing strong increases in their number of placements.

REC CEO, Kevin Green, said: “Recruiters continue to place more people in work as the jobs market accelerates. However the jobs market could be jeopardised with thousands of employers not able to find the skills and talent they need to meet increasing demand. The number of candidates available to fill both temporary and permanent jobs is falling at its fastest rate in a decade. In response to this employers are bumping up starting salaries to entice workers they need to join them.

“This dearth of skilled workers means that many organisations will need to improve their candidate experience and also look overseas to find people. The government must do more to support businesses by ensuring that the visa process does not act as a barrier to growth.”


Image by jyri.