A new survey from Markit has found that a lot of part time workers want more work. Based on the 1,000 households questioned, 40% wanted more hours.

It was also found that 27% of all workers feel like their skills and abilities are above and beyond what is required for their job. This was particularly true for those employed in the retail, education, social and health industries.

Over a third (36%) of employees also felt their employers could be utilising their skills much better, with the manufacturing, energy, transport and utilities sectors showing the highest rates of this.

In comparison, many felt overworked. 23% of all employees said they had too much work to do, while just 18% said they’d be able to take on more without causing any problems.

Those working within the finance and business services claimed to be the most overworked, while those in the energy, transport and utilities industries put themselves at the other end. When it came to the public and private sector, government workers said they were more overworked than their private counterparts.

Chris Williamson, the Chief Economist at Markit said: “The survey highlights a worrying waste of talent, with just over one-in-three employees feeling their employer could make more use of their skills and abilities. This hits 47% in the 18-24 age bracket, and tops out at 48% in the North East. More than one in every four employees feels overqualified.

“A steer on the degree of underemployment in the economy is provided by over 40% of part-time workers wanting to work more hours than they currently do.

“The survey therefore suggests that there remains plenty of scope for employers to get more out of their staff: almost one-in-five think they could do more work without too much effort.”
Image by Justin Lynham.