Real-Time Information, the system that overhauled the way companies submitted PAYE information for their employees, has been heralded a success by HMRC.

With only one serious problem in its debut year, the taxman has said the system worked well for most employers. This is since they had their weekly end-of-year conversations with employer representatives.

All data submitted went through the RTI set-up as it was supposed to, bar the Government Gateway crashing on 11 April, says HMRC.

According to the head of the Payroll Alliance, Linda Pullen, statistics show that 1.82m end of year reports were generated, with 1.61m of them being indicated as a final report. That makes up around 88% of the total end-of-year records.

This of course means there is a shortfall in reports. HMRC thinks this may be because employers believed their final submission deadline is 19 May as that was when the P35 form was expected. There other explanations would be employers neglecting to mark their submissions as final.

In regards to individual reports, HMRC say they received 61.8 million, the figure they were expecting. They expect to start sending out P800 tax demands from around 27 May.
Image by Martin Terber.