In a study carried out by CareerBuilderUK, 56% of employers have said they plan to hire temporary or contractor workers in 2014. Along with that, 44% said they wanted to make some of these temp positions permanent.

All regions across the UK are looking to expand the number of their temporary workers, although the East Midlands is seeing the biggest increase with a 5% change from 2013. London sat at the bottom with a 2% increase.

Scott Helmes, the Managing Director of CareerBuilderUK, thinks this is because of companies being cautious with expansion. He said: “Coming off of multiple hard-hitting recessions, companies are being more cautious with their permanent hiring. Temporary employment is growing across industries and regions, and provides greater opportunities for employers with a larger pool of diverse talent, while allowing workers to test-drive different work experiences and network with employers.”

This follows a continuing trend of temporary employment growth over the last few years. The latest data suggests that this is set to continue. Overall, there was a 13.8% increase in temp workers from 2011 to 2014.  This is in comparison to a 2.5% increase for jobs across the board.

Some areas have seen faster increases than others, with teaching & educational professionals and childcare & related personal services increase by 5% between 2014 and 2014. Administrative occupations and functional managers & directors saw a rise of 2%.

These increases come as a report showed that a third of employers are at full work capacity, leading many to assume that hires would increase to allow companies to get more work done.

Photo by US Army Corps of Engineers