As the UK’s freelance population continues to explode, one of the questions being asked again and again is whether this growing army of workers are there by choice – or whether they’ve been forced into the freelance lifestyle by a lack of better options. Opinion is divided, although recent research has shown the majority of the newly self-employed made the jump to enjoy a better work / life balance, and more creative freedom.

It seems many freelancers are not above a return to salaried work if the right offer came in, though. Job website Working Not Working gave their members the option to name the company that would get them to pack it all in and go back to a regular desk job, and shortlisted the 46 companies that were named again and again. Those companies are:

There are plenty of household names on the list, as well as a healthy smattering of design and marketing agencies. It also seems many freelancers are embracing their inner child, with Pixar, Disney, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network all making the list. Working Not Working said “the diversity of these companies serves as both a testament to our members for finding new places to create and to the companies on this list that they’re doing something right. “