According to Procorre, an international professional services consultancy, women are woefully under-represented in the freelancer sector. As it stands the number of women working as contractors or freelancers is less than half of the amount of men.

There are over 2.5 million men freelancing, while the number of women is nearing 1 million. Looking at the entire working population, 8% of women are freelancers with 15.5% of men doing the same.

Procorre are concerned though. They don’t think there are adequate resources available to women, for example in regards to maternity. Professional employers are more likely to offer better remuneration for women who go on maternity leave, while freelancers are left with the Maternity Allowance. This, for most, will be a serious drop in income.

Lisa Mangan, the Relationship Manager at Procorre said: “While it’s great to see almost a million women bringing their skills and expertise to bear for a wide range of clients on a consultancy basis, they are significantly in the minority compared to men.

“On paper, consultancy should be an attractive career choice for more women, given that it offers greater scope for flexibility and potentially a better work-life balance, as well as often comparatively better pay for each hour worked than the average full or part time employed position.

“However, taking the plunge is not always an easy decision, particularly for those with young families who may be concerned that there is less financial support for maternity breaks and childcare compared to their employed peers.”

 Image by Donnie Nunley