A Bank of Scotland report has found that demand for contractors has gone up in Scotland during May 2014. This is unfortunately coupled with the number of contractors falling mean agencies are struggling to fill all the roles on their books.

It was also found that contractor rates are going up due to the shortage of contractors able to work.

Donald MacRae, the chief economist at the Bank of Scotland said: “This month’s Barometer provides further evidence that the recovery in the Scottish economy will continue throughout 2014.”

The report, the Bank of Scotland Labour Market Barometer, also gave us some information on individual sectors. Strong growth was seen in IT and computing and accounts, while engineering and construction also rose.

The interest in interim managers dropped in comparison, while demand in the oil and gas sectors dropped as well. In regards to rates, Aberdeen saw the best increase in the whole country.

Edinburgh and Dundee saw a fall in contractor agency billings. ContractorCalculator CEO, Dave Chaplin, said: “This could be as a result of falling activity in the financial and gaming sectors. Or it could reflect falling availability of candidates. It is most likely the latter, given the demand for both IT and financial contractors shown in the report’s demand league table.”

The full report is available here.

Photo by USACE.