Today is the National Women Engineering Day, which is dedicated to putting the spotlight on women who work in the engineering sector. It is hoped the day will help to show the skills and achievements of women in the sector.

The day has been organised by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) to celebrate 95 years of existence. They hope today will bring attention to the incredible and important work that women undertake within engineering.

They also hope that the day will help to encourage young women to look to train and work in the sector. By doing so, they also hope that this can help to alleviate the skills shortage in engineering.

WES has also been encouraging other groups to get involved and set-up their own events to support the day. Along with WES’s event Woman in Engineering: The Challenge, there will also be a diversity day from the Royal Society, a Wikipedia editathon from the Royal Academy of Engineering, a Women in Research, Engineering & Design event at the University of Kent and many more.

To recognise the day, The Guardian have also put together a list of influential engineering women on Twitter to follow.

At the moment, there is a big gender divide in regards to those studying engineering across the world. In the UK, in 2005/06, just 9.5% of engineering students were women. This is a lower rate that in the USA, Canada and Australia.

The day also comes after a report from last month suggested a serious skills shortage was looming in the sector. WES hopes they can encourage more women to move in to fill the gap.