A report from the Federation of Small Businesses has criticised the UK government for their less than ambitious targets for the country’s broadband infrastructure.

The report says that there are still 45,000 companies in Britain who are still using dial-up, while an even larger number are making do with speeds lower than 2 Mbps. The FSB wants the government to push forward with getting high-speed broadband available across the UK.

It also talks about how speeds are increasing for people’s homes, but this improvement is not being felt by businesses. The FSB says that small businesses should be strongly considered in regards to future digital infrastructure plans.

Unsurprisingly, 94% of companies see a decent internet connection as integral to their success. With the world continuously going digital, there are few businesses that can’t make good use of the internet. Without it they are blocked from many profitable activities, such as creating an online shop.

The Government currently plans to get 95% of the population broadband speeds of 24Mbps, with the last 5% getting 2Mbps. The FSB suggests that even if the population’s homes get these higher speeds, businesses will not.

John Allan, National Chairman of the FSB, said: ” While progress has been made with the residential market, businesses have not enjoyed the same benefits, which is holding back their growth. We therefore want to see the UK Government show ambition with its broadband targets and put business needs at their centre. Leaving five per cent of the population with a 2Mbps connection in 2017 is not good enough.”

Image by Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier