Three quarters of British women find a man’s financial responsibility to be more attractive than his looks or job, according to a new study by Experian.

The trait narrowly beat intelligence, which was rated at 74%, but was more important than appearance, which ranked at 65%, and far more desirable than education (26%), wealth (20%) and occupation (32%).

The only trait that women found more attractive in a man was a good sense of humour, which was rated as most important by 87% of respondents.

The study found that men’s preferences were very different.

Only 55% of men rated financial responsibility as the most important factor in a partner, with 67% finding looks more important.

Men also put less importance than women on their partner’s wealth (18%), salary (25%) and occupation (19%).

This could explain why couples often row over money issues, with 60% of the respondents admitting to falling out with their partner over finances, and 6% saying this happened regularly.

Julie Doleman, managing director at Experian Consumer services, told The Telegraph:

‚ÄúTalking about money and especially debt can be difficult for some, but … financial compatibility can be an important part of a successful relationship.”

Image by Nick Page