A list of tax dodger names, addresses and penalty fines – which totalled over £30 million in unpaid tax – has been revealed by HMRC.

The government decided to publish the names of individuals and businesses who deliberately evaded tax of over £25,000 in a bid to alarm evaders and deter future offences.

The worst offender was Saad Victoria, a food and wine merchant that owed £29.7 million in unpaid tax. The company went into liquidation in May of this year.

Jennie Granger, Director General for Enforcement and Compliance at HMRC, said:

“The majority of people declare the tax that is due, but there are a small minority who try to evade their responsibilities.

“We are publishing the names of tax cheats as it lets the community know we are tackling this and encourage others to get back on track.

“Each person named today has cheated the Exchequer out of more than £25,000, and that’s unfair to those who pay their tax. In the last year, penalties have ranged from £10,000 to over £29 million.”

The list of “tax cheats” is published by HMRC on a three-monthly basis. Those on the list either inaccurately returned a tax document, deliberately paid the wrong VAT or duty, or failed to comply with certain HMRC obligations.

HMRC officials urged tax evaders to come forward before they get caught so that they can be helped to get back on track.

Image by HMRC