Over a third of UK accountants (37%) believe that men are paid more than women to do the same job, according to new research by CareersinAudit.com.

The research also shows that 40% of accountants believed that men are paid up to 30% more than their female colleagues.

This follows a trend set by earlier research by the Chartered Management Institute, which found that men in the UK are paid 23% more than women who hold the same position.

Simon Wright, operations director at CareersinAudit.com, said:

“With auditors and accountants skilled at keeping a close eye on the numbers, it begs the question of why bosses are not ensuring equality of pay in their own organisations.

“Whilst it would seem a draconian measure to introduce compulsory pay audits, those at the top should be accountable and ensure equal pay policies are adhered to.”

The research showed a prominent trend among accountants of feelings that the industry is still skewed to favour men for higher paid positions.

44% said that the work-life imbalance of partner positions made it impossible to raise a family alongside work, discouraging women from pursuing these positions.

A further 40% thought that gender inequalities were fuelled by an “old boy” network of men in prominent positions.

The Women’s rights charity, the Fawcett Society, said the findings demonstrated “an urgent need for greater transparency.”