With this years Autumn Statement just a few months away, contractors have been asked for their opinions to create new policies and alter existing ones.

Due Wednesday December 3rd, it looks like this Autumn Statement will attempt to be more inclusive of the self-employed, including freelancers and contractors, as 2014 has seen a sharp increase in their numbers.

The Treasury will be asking after individuals and companies’ policy ideas to incorporate into the statement as long as they are “original and innovative”.

Groups like representative bodies have also been invited to have their say. The deadline for comments and ideas is October 17th to ensure they can be given proper consideration and receive inclusion in the statement.

To contribute, people are asked to go here where the submission process is explained in detail.

Treasury officials said: “In the interest of open and transparent policy-making…HM Treasury welcomes representations as part of the policy-making process.

The Autumn Statement allows the Government to give an update on their economic process and plans. It will also be a chance for the Chancellor to discuss the UK’s economic recovery.

Forecasts for the UK’s economic prospects will also be released on the same day and the Autumn Statement will be based on those.

Image by StevenW