The Labour Finance and Industry Group has called for the party to give prominence to freelancers as the conference season is just around the corner.

This comes as small business groups have already called for the country’s political parties to be sure the self-employed are not left out in the cold.

The Labour group’s report, ‘The Freelancing Agenda’, details the economic impact of freelancers and the vague definition they have under the UK’s current laws. The report states that “freelancers” are a broad group, but they still have issues that are common between them.

Follow the release of the report, a fringe event will be held by the group at Labour’s party conference. It’s purpose will be to flesh out policy ideas including the creation of a freelancer’ charter and ways to increase the power of recognition of freelancers.

The co-author of the report, Phillip Ross, said: “The report was able to build on both our personal experience and professional knowledge of the freelancing industry and has been supplemented by meetings with freelancer groups, trade associations and trade unions.

“We have spoken to actors, journalists, artists, pharmacists, IT workers, management consultants, construction workers, teachers, film and television workers, agencies, accountants, tax specialists and more besides.

“For too long policies of all parties have focused on the extremes of the freelance economy, tax avoidance on one hand and forced self employment on the other. This report focuses on the forgotten middle, genuine freelancers, a market that is as broad as it is wide. It offers a proactive agenda as opposed to reactionary one that will help freelancing flourish.”