A new global survey looking into people’s lives has found that the British are happy with their financial situation, but unfulfilled in their work life.

The UK’s populous scored above average when it came to their financial well-being with 46% saying their financial situation was “thriving”. This is compared to just 37% of Europeans saying the same. The global average sat at just 25%.

When it came to the purpose of work, British attitudes dropped. 51% gave a negative response to this part of the survey with only a quarter saying they were “thriving” in this areas. In contrast, America saw 37% of its citizens “thriving” with purpose.

This comes after an RSA survey found that while the UK’s self-employed are generally paid less, they are much happier in their work suggesting this survey may have failed to pick up on the views of the country’s freelancers and contractors.

Dan Witters, who was a research director of the project suggesting the UK’s economic recovery may be to blame. He said: “As the country’s employment situation improved, it’s possible that many job seekers took the first available position they could get, without regard for whether the job was a good fit for their talents or long-term goals.”

Of course there is the chance that it’s simply the Brit’s restrained opinions on their own lives. The report found that adults in Latin America were more likely to put “thriving” in numerous categories. The authors of the report put this down to a cultural leaning towards positive attitudes.