The way the government checks your identity online is set to change to the brand “Gov.UK Verify”. It will be used whenever a citizen wishes to use public services online.

Revealed yesterday, Verify will be the public front of the Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP), which has been worked on for the past three years by the Government Digital Service (GDS). The hope is that the system will allow UK citizens to use online public services securely.

This is all part of the government’s plan to encourage people to use online services first, which is also called the digital-by-default model. This should mean that bureaucracy will be minimised as papers are chucked in favour of keyboards and monitors.

It is not long before some government departments will activate the new system. Mike Bracken, the executive director of the GDS said HMRC and the DVLA are closest to putting it to use with many more to follow.

Bracken also said: “Verify – that’s what’s testing well, and we’ve tried all sorts. The platform is robust, suppliers are under contract. It will be at Gov.UK/Verify, and in October / November 2014 we’ll start to see key departments run that.”

While the idea sounds like a positive step, there will be worries that the system will be faulty. HMRC’s RTI system showed promise, but suffered from big teething problems. This led to a further delay in fines for small businesses who were yet to submit their payroll information.