TalkTalk has launched a £4 broadband offer for businesses with 20 staff or fewer, in a bid to compete in the market with BT.

TalkTalk claim that their new “Simple” unlimited broadband package offers a £594 a year saving on the equivalent BT product.

The advanced package, which includes calls to landlines and mobiles for £10.50 a month, could save firms £964 over two years, according to TalkTalk.

The company are achieving the super-low price by leveraging their consumer broadband network.

Dido Harding, chief executive of TalkTalk, said:

“We have the spare capacity. Our network is built for an 8pm peak, which is when consumers are streaming video and checking Facebook.

“They use the internet in the evenings so we have all this spare capacity during the day and can offer a quality service.”

BT currently owns 70% of the small business market; however, according to a TalkTalk Business survey, 59% of small business owners have experienced problems with their provider, and only half feel they’re getting good value for money.

Ms Harding also commented that 11% of British SMEs still do not use the internet, and half do not even have website. She says this is due to high cost:

“If you don’t have a website, you’re going to miss out on business. So by driving down prices, we’re helping to grow the British economy as a whole.”

Image by Jeff Power