Have you had trouble getting a self-employed mortgage? Is your self-employed income being misinterpreted by lenders? Have you been refused a remortgage and are now trapped into your lender’s standard variable rate?

Whatever your self-employed mortgage woes – past or present – we want to hear from you.

Campaigning for fairer self-employed mortgages

The self-employed community is the backbone of the UK economy, yet it’s often unfairly penalised when buying a home or remortgaging an existing property. Our specialist mortgage brokers at Crunch Mortgages are securing deals for freelancers, contractors, and small business owners across the country, but we want to do more.

Led by Chorus, our free-to-join micro-business community, we’re campaigning to improve access to mortgages for the self-employed. But we need your help to get the full story.

Share your self-employed mortgage experiences

Whether you’ve recently secured a mortgage, are currently applying for one, or just thinking about buying your first home, we want to hear your experiences. By getting a full picture of the current state of play, we’ll be able to effectively campaign on your behalf and help the UK’s micro-business owners get the mortgages they deserve.

Leave a comment below, email us at chorus@crunch.co.uk, or join in the conversation on Twitter #SelfEmployedMortgage.